by All Saints

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Red Flag

12million record sales, five number one singles, two multi-platinum albums and two Brit awards. The stats speak for themselves. Now All Saints launch their brand new album ‘Red Flag’ their first album in a decade. What is so special about the new record is how contemporary it sounds without ever losing the core essence of All Saints.


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Studio 1 (2006)

Our third album 'Studio 1' was released following a five-year hiatus. The album's first single 'Rock Steady' was produced by Greg Kurstin and peaked at No. 3 on the UK Singles Chart. The album's second single 'Chick Fit' remains one of our all-time favourite tracks.

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All Hits (2001)

All Hits was our 2001 Greatest Hits album which features all our UK singles including Never Ever, Pure Shores, I Know Where It's At, Bootie Call, Under The Bridge and Black Coffee plus some of our other personal favourite tracks and Mel's collaboration with Artful Dodger, Twentyfourseven.


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Saints & Sinners (2000)

Our second album 'Saints & Sinners' was released three years after our debut and hit number one in the UK. Three tracks on the album were produced by the incredible William Orbit, including first single 'Pure Shores' (the theme song from the film 'The Beach') and 'Black Coffee', both of which hit #1 in the UK.


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All Saints (1997)

Our debut album 'All Saints' was released on 24 November 1997 through London Records.  The album's debut single 'I Know Where It's At' charted at #4 in the UK with the following three singles 'Never Ever, 'Under The Bridge/Lady Marmalade' and 'Bootie Call' all hitting #1 in the UK. 

Producers on the album include Karl "K-Gee" Gordon, Cameron McVey, John Benson, Johnny Douglas, Magnus Fiennes, Nellee Hooper, Karen Gibbs and Neville Henry. The album draws inspiration from all of our favourite styles of music including electronic, hip hop, R&B, swing, synthpop, trip-hop and UK garage music.


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